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Löyly - public sauna in Helsinki

Shooting ended in summer 2017.

Construction was finished in summer of 2016.

Shot with Enlapser 4K camera.

Kalasatama - the new residential and business district on the waterfront in Helsinki, Finland

Live player.

Shot with multiple cameras. 2009 - 2016 Axis IP camera, 2016-2017 Enlapser 4K, 2017 -> Enlapser 5K reference camera.

Kasarmikatu21 is a new prime property in the heart of Helsinki.

Live player.

This player has been limited to one frame every 3 days and delayed by two hours.

Shoots with Enlapser 5K refrence camera.

Tapio Wirkkala park in Helsinki.

Shooting ended in 2014

The park was desgined by the celebrated American artist Robert Wilson.

Shot with Nikon DSLR camera.

Feel free to also browse through the content at the Raksakamera website. Raksakamera is the construction site monitoring service that Enlapser cloud service was born out of. All timelapse camera footage on the site is handled by the Enlapser cloud and all timelapse videos have been edited from footage generated on it.